Halt the aging process with the multifunctional firming & lifting Hydrolift! Clinically proven to tackle fine lines and wrinkles within 4 weeks

  • Shrunken HA molecules penetrate into deep layers of the skin to trap moisture
  • Remove dead surface cells for brighter complexion and deeper product penetration
  • Formulated to trigger and expedite elastin &  collagen production
  • #1 dermatologist rated ingredients to combat aging
  • Day and night use. Hypoallergenic, non-acnegenic & fragrance-free formula suitable for all skin types.

Volume: 50 ml / 1.69 oz

Goodbye time-damaged skin & hello fresh new glow!


Normal skin type. After her second birth, she experienced the “pregnancy mask” - hormonal fluctuations that cause darkening and loss of moisture around the mouth and forehead area.

After 4 Weeks

“I like my freckles and im a full time mom so i prefer not to cover my face in makeup! In the mornings I put on my cream and go, that's it!”

Age: 42


Combination skin type. She has time-damaged skin and has noticed a significant loss of moisture & elasticity in her skin, but she prefers not to use fillers or injections.

After 4 Weeks

“I’m always skeptical of products that claim to “reverse time”. But after 2 weeks of using the Hydrolift and seeing visible results, i already began suggesting it to friends and past clients whom i’m still in touch with.”

Age: 58


Combination skin type. Extremely sensitive skin & chronic food allergies with light hyperpigmentation. Her skin reacts very badly to unnatural products which limits her skincare options.

After 4 Weeks

“Finding products for my skin has always been difficult. My friend Sarah recommended this cream and it has completely evened out my skin tone. I’ve finally found what works for me."

Age: 36


Oily skin type, Suffers from sun-damaged skin and the harsh effects of smoking. After years of neglect her skin texture became rough and uneven.

After 4 Weeks

“After 20 years smoking and never protecting my skin from the sun, i thought the damage to my skin was permanent. Before this cream, I swear i never thought it would be possible for me to love my skin again.”

Age: 64


    30-dау money bасk guarantee on our prоduсt.


    With оur prоduсts, we promise you thаt реrfect results for yоur Skin.


    FREE 5-7 Days Worldwide Shipping


    The best wrinkle free skin care with the Lavie Hуdrоlift Cream smаll HA mоlecules enаble penetration intо the deeper layers of the skin.


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Clients Ask…

  • Is the Hydrolift suitable for all skin types?

    Yes. The Hydrolift is suitable for dry, oily, normal, and combination skin. Primarily formulated with ingredients found within our bodies or in nature, the Hydrolift is highly unlikely to cause any reaction or breakout-causing symptoms.

  • How does the Hyrolift work to diminish wrinkles and brighten complexion & how long does it take to see results?

    Our breakthrough Hydrolift formula firms and lifts the skin with a combination of 3 sizes of HA molecules and a hand picked selection of vitamins, extracts, and natural compounds like lactic acid, which gently exfoliate the outer layer of skin to optimize product penetration & even-out skin tone. Results can start to be seen within 2 weeks.

  • How do shipping and returns work?

    The Hydrolift is shipped within 5-7 business days. We want all of our clients to be satisfied, so we have 30 day money back guarantee! For all returns, please email [email protected]

  • I get Botox and/or filler injections, can I use the Hydrolift too?

    Yes! In fact, the Hydrolift supports the effects of Botox and/or filler injections. It will not interfere, and can even extend the lifetime of the treatment.

  • I’m using Retinol products, will the Hydrolift interfere?

    Absolutely. Retinol products are known to make the skin dry, especially during the first few weeks of use. Layering the Retinol over the Hydrolift will restore the missing moisture and temper the harshness of the Retinol. Note: Be sure to always use Retinol products with a SPF sun protection.

  • Is the Hydrolift tested on animals?

    No! Lavie loves all living things. None of our products are ever tested on animals.

  • If I have acne or post-acne scarring, will the Hydrolift help?

    The Hydrolift is not intended to treat or improve acne conditions. For treating acne specifically, we recommend a different solution. However the use of the Hydrolift will not exacerbate symptoms.


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Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say About Our Products


I have really sensitive skin so theres only a few products i can use everyday. luckily this cream is not greasy at all and is really gentle on my skin

Tali Barkan

ive been using the hydrolift for 3 weeks and really loving it so far. You guys also have very friendly and helpful service reps. Will definitely keep using



Milena Veliova

I’m nicely surprised after using 4 weeks of hydrolift ,because only after second week there was visual change of my skin. It become softer , my wrinkles smoothed. Now after 4 weeks of using my skin looks really fresh and feels denser and this without any irritation I’m very pleased . Thank you Lavie Labs!

Anat Dayan

I must admit that i am the type who buying only ” big brands “… my friend recommended me this cream and i really loved it. i applied the cream day & night and i saw the change after 3 weeks . thank you it feels great


Amaizzzzzzzing product! Great results! I’m going to buy more for my parents and grandparents.


Where Science Meets Nature

Dermatologists confirm that Hyaluron is one of most critical ingredients for youthful-looking skin! Using today’s biotechnological advancements, we engineered three different sizes of naturally occurring HA molecules that break through the deeper layers of skin and restore your skin’s most essential compounds. Combined with our unique formulation of vitamins and plant extracts, watch wrinkles disappear quickly, painlessly and completely injection-free!

the hydrolift formula

The key to a healthy and beautiful skin is hydration. The Lavie Hydrolift Cream will bring the healthy moisture balance back to your skin, keeping it soft, elastic and youthful, giving the needed relief to the dry skin.

Lavie’s hydrolift formula is a breakthrough technology in cosmetics that aims to help you remove the imperfections caused by the aging process. This anti-aging technology has got not only cosmetic, but also health benefits. The multifunctional ingredients in the product allow you to enjoy not only the cosmetic benefits, but also to improve the overall facial health due to the numerous beneficial herbs implemented in our Hydrolift recipe.



It is well known for its skin soothing, healing and keratolytic (ability to remove dead skin cells) properties. It helps shed the outer layer of the epidermis and foster the healthy tissue formation. It also softens the skin and enables it to absorb more moisture. Allantoin is also widely used as a remedy for burns and scars which only confirms its strong beneficial properties.


Urea is a naturally occurring substance found in the surface layer of our skin, and it is an active part of our natural moisturising factor (NMF), which helps to keep the skin hydrated, protected and working efficiently. Urea has the amazing ability to hold on to water molecules, keeping our skin moisturized. It also has anti-itchy properties and helps to accelerate the skin’s cellular renewal process.

Glutamic Acid

Glutamic Acid provides several health benefits and maintains the proper functioning of the body, especially your immune and digestive system, and also foster energy production in the body.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is often recommended by dermatologists and other physicians for its impressive ability to improve skin’s texture and appearance of mature and wrinkly skin by increasing moisture absorption and retention. The Hydrolift formulation feature 3 sizes of HA molecules, including those of a very low enough molecular weight, ensuring the deepest possible penetration of the skin.


Lysine is one of the essential amino acids that is a necessary part of your diet for overall good health. Lysine helps form collagen which is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It builds cartilage, bones, and connective tissues. Lysine helps in the formation and, at the same time, prevents breakdown and excretion of collagen.

Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

It has high levels of antioxidants including Vitamin E whose anti-aging properties help your skin fight off free radicals caused by the sun. With Theobroma Seed Butter, your skin will get the necessary elements and nutrients such as zinc, potassium and phenolic phytochemicals that play an important role in the development of skin.

Sodium PCA

Our skin naturally contains PCA, but as we age these levels drop quite considerably. Sodium PCA is considered an important humectant, and due to its extremely water absorbent properties can hold several times its weight in water, thus helping to reduce loss of moisture, through evaporation. This ingredient is one of the major components of our skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF).


This amino acid is essential for many different muscles, cognitive and metabolic functions. Glycine helps form glutathione, a valuable antioxidant that is used to prevent cellular damage and various signs of aging.


You may know glucose by another name: blood sugar. Glucose is a key for keeping the mechanisms of the body perfectly functioning. When our glucose levels are optimal, it often goes unnoticed. But when they stray from recommended boundaries, you’ll notice the unhealthy effect it has on normal functioning. Implementing glucose in our formula is crucial to improve not only the cosmetic, but also the general physical performance of the body.

Physical performance is mainly a function of an individuals’s size, shape, sex, and age, but not entirely so.



“The hydrolift is not only enjoyable and easy to use, its made my skin firmer and smoother quicker than any other system i’ve used.”

Mishel , NYC