6 Make-up Tips to Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Your beauty routine doesn’t have to be expensive, just effective!

When it comes to makeup, some people genuinely love everything about it. They’ll wear it for every occasion, and truly enjoy the process of trying new things and keeping up with products and trends.

Others actively or passively avoid makeup altogether- they just don’t wear it. There could be countless reasons why. But many women, especially as they begin to get older, stop their skin and makeup routines simply because there is too much confusing, conflicting, or complicated information out there for them to sort through. They just don’t bother.

It’s unfair to everyday women who would like to keep up their appearances, but don’t want to buy a ton of new products and follow all kinds of steps just to attain a healthy, natural, bright-eyed look. Consider the techniques below and see what you can implement to reach your goals without a ton of effort!

TIP 1 – Choose the Right Moisturizing Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-aging technology has advanced so much today that there are topical creams that can give you nearly identical results to a surgical skin tightening. Tons of women are after a solution for fine lines, with Women’s Health Magazine saying ”The ASPS has seen a 200 percent increase in services like botox, chemical peels, and fillers since 2000. But what if we told you there’s no longer a need for painful injections or medical procedures?

The Lavie Labs Hydrolift Anti Aging cream fills in lines and wrinkles by absorbing water into your skin and making it plump, full, and revitalized. Humectant agents work to retain the water it absorbs from the environment, while other natural ingredients soothe, heal, and protect the skin.

Besides the obvious benefit of tighter skin, this cream gives your skin an even tone and provides and a smooth base for your makeup and sunscreen routine, so that your final look can be flawless. Remember that your skin has the ability to look healthy and bright at any age, but products like this exist to give us a little extra help when we need it.

TIP 2 – Straight Eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are one of the fastest growing beauty trends right now because of their ability to make you look more youthful. The straighter shape is actually similar to how your brows looked growing up, so it could instantly take a few years off your face while also making them appear thicker and fuller.

Arched brows are usually considered to be more flattering because they are thought to open up the eyes and lift the eyeline. Everybody has their own personal style, but for aging women, over-arched eyebrows actually draw attention to a wrinkled forehead and can make the face look a lot older.

Celebrities like Emma Watson, Ella Mai and Natalie Portman have adopted the trend and straightened out their brows. To begin, brush up the hairs to find the highest point of your arch, and then softly fill them in. Make sure to taper the outer ends of the brows to avoid an eyebrow that is the same width all across.

TIP 3 – Don’t Make Me Blush!

The main complaint about blush is that they make older women look even older. However, a lot of blush on the market comes in powder form. Powders can often sink into fine lines and give the skin an even drier appearance.

As we get older we need to work a tad harder to maintain our skin’s moisture and a healthy glow, so the perfect solution is to get yourself one or two good shades of cream blush. Toss out the powders, and replace it with a cream you can layer, or “build” it onto the skin using just a finger for a much more natural and dewy look.

Extra tip: To remove heaviness from the eyes and face, apply your cosmetic products slightly higher than you normally would. Add your cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and gently blend upwards. If you’re wearing eye makeup, keep the liners, shadows and mascaras on the upper lid to keep the eye open and bright.

TIP 4 – Dab, Don’t Swipe.

We tend to think we need to apply our cosmetics with a heavy hand for them to work. But actually layering or “building” your makeup gives it a much more blended and natural look.

Cosmetics like lipsticks and concealer sink into lines once we’ve got a few wrinkles, so the dabbing technique addresses that by blending the product into the skin instead of laying it on the surface where it can bleed.

Usually we twist our lipsticks up and swipe hard on the the upper lip, then the lower lip, and then rub them together all around. Instead, try this: On exfoliated lips, take your lipstick or other coloring, and gently dab into the lips with a rhythmic motion. Press it in rather than spread it. Bring your lips together into an “M” sound, but avoid rubbing them side to side.

TIP5 – Less is More

One of the oldest sayings is especially true when it comes to obscuring age with cosmetics. Older woman sometimes think that once their wrinkles begin to show, she should compensate with a heavier amount of makeup.

Heavy makeup is done all the time in the fashion world, but frankly on women of a certain age, bright and flashy colors can take the opposite of the desired effect and appear forced and unnatural. Some women genuinely like a more flashy look, which is wonderful. But for the women who’d just like to return a fun, bright and youthful look to the face, do it subtly by returning moisture to the face.

Instead of reaching for the bright shades shades and heavy concealers, work on nourishing your skin and bringing its vitality back. Eat the correct foods and get enough sleep so that your eyes will look whiter and brighter. The truth is that a bright smile and happy attitude does much more than all of these tips combined.

TIP 6 – Permanent Makeup

Ok, so this one does involve a procedure and a bit of maintenance, but hear us out. Permanent makeup is designed to give someone, typically women, the peace of mind that they look their best without a lot of daily effort. It’s usually done to fill in sparse eyebrows or add some color to lips that have become a bit dull, but there are tons of options.

The procedure is extremely popular because of its relatively low risk of complications and high satisfaction rate. Many women lack the time or interest in a daily makeup routine, and love the idea of waking up and being ready to walk out the door.

Do some research to find a studio with great reviews, and see if they would be able to meet your needs. The studio will go over all colors, shapes, and shades with you so you will know exactly how it will turn out, and the few things you’ll need to maintain your look. If you’re looking for an easy, low maintenance way to keep yourself looking fresh and youthful, this procedure might be for you.