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Bosem Gently “Scrapes” Away Dead Cells…

So Younger, Brighter-Looking Cells Can Reach The Surface of Your Skin… Faster!


So, there’s one more thing to talk about before you finish your order….

Getting rid of your dead skin cells.

As I’ve mentioned…

The faster you exfoliate your dead cells…

The quicker new, healthier skin cells can reach the surface of your skin.

And it takes an average of 15-45 days for your newborn cells to become visible.

Wouldn’t you rather have your new, healthier cells rise to the top…

As quickly as humanly possible?

Ask yourself,

“What if my new, Matinika-filled cells are noticeable in weeks… rather than months?”
Introducing Bosem

This brand-new Nano-Nutrient product features two different types of natural peeling granules.

These potent granules safely and visibly peel away the top layers of dead skin cells and bacteria.

In fact… 

10s of thousands of women can testify to looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after every application of Bosem.

It’s like “cleaning the slate” for new, healthier looking you to reveal itself.

Grape Seed Oil

One of nature’s secret moisturizers.

That’s huge, because absorbing and locking in moisture is  key to visibly reducing rough, dry skin.

In combination with Matinika…

You can anticipate smoother, plumper, more radiant-looking skin than you’ve felt or seen in years.

That’s just the beginning too.

Jojoba Oil

Red, irritated skin is more and more of a problem as we get older.

That’s just Mother Nature.


Mother Nature gives back…

What she takes.

Jojoba Oil… in Lavie’s Nano-Nutrient-Form… is proven to help calm inflammation, angry, chaffed-looking skin.

The Vitamins E & B are well-known in demonstrating the ability to help repair and retexture damaged, aging skin cells.

Sweet Almond Oil

Do you love having soft, supple, glowing skin?

Well, Sweet Almond Oil might be your best friend.

Sweet Almond Oil is an amazing, proven Emulsifier.

It helps all the nutrients that need to stay together…

Do just that… 

So you can get the fastest, visible results.

Wheat Germ Oil

You know skin that’s as smooth as “baby’s butt”?

Do you want that back?

Well, Wheat Germ Oil is clinically shown to help with helping to recreate that babysoft feel to your facial tissues.

High in Vitamin E…

Combined with Lavie’s Nanotechnology…

Helps to visibly nourish and soften your skin…

While noticeably increasing your skin’s elasticity.

Chain Amino Acid Peptides

These essential peptides are what keep cells “signaling” to each other…

To produce all of the proteins and antioxidants you need…

For healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Unfortunately, most skincare products fail to deliver these peptides into your cells.

But Lavie Labs has demonstrated… in human trials… how these peptides are bioavailable.

Which means…

They absorb…

Just like Matinika…

And our entire line of skincare products.


60-Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee


The incredible exfoliating abilities of Bosem…

Help to get these Youthful Nano Nutrients…

Deep into your tissues.

So, you’re not just addressing the visible signs of aging…

But WHY those signs of aging happen in the first place.

Just add Bosem to your order and finish getting the most technologically advanced skincare available today.

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Your order today is 100% covered by Lavie Labs’ industry-leading money-back guarantee.

You either see dramatic, visible results…

Or your money back.


At Lavie Labs we understand everyone’s skin has it’s challenges. Main aspect of our brand that differentiate us from competition is our innovative scientific approach in development of skin care rejuvenation products.


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