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Hi everyone, nice to meet you!
I’m Sarah Lavie, the founder of Lavie Labs.

In the next 2 minutes I’ll be showing you several little tricks that’ll get you better results, all by using our products correctly and taking advantage of their active ingredients – so that they work best for YOUR skin type.

So here we have our four products, each is leading in its own range – but they are designed to work together for a perfect skincare routine that affects all areas.

Okay, so I’ll start with our morning routine.

I always recommend, before using products with active ingredients, to clean the skin. Clean skin absorbs much better and we don’t want any leftover dirt on our face that will stop the active ingredients from penetrating the skin. So I always recommend working with clean skin.

I’ll want to start with our daily-exfoliating cream.

After we’ve washed the face we’ll leave the skin a bit wet, take about this much of the exfoliating cream and place it like this on the face. It is important to mention that our exfoliating cream can be used by women with sensitive skin and you can use it every day without causing over-stimulation. Our unique micro exfoliating cream cleans the skin thoroughly and efficiently, and removes dead skin cells, leaving us with clean and fresh skin.

You might notice some redness but don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal and will soon vanish.

We will begin to rub the skin in a circular motion for about 45-60 seconds, after which we will rinse the face in lukewarm water, not too hot, it may feel nicer but it’s less healthy for the skin.

At this point, You can probably feel how much smoother and silkier the skin is to the touch. We will continue the treatment with my personal favourite, I’m totally addicted to it – it’s our best-seller Matinika Age-Defying Cream.

We will use the spatula that comes in the packaging to keep the product clean. We will take about this much and place it on the back of our hand like so, applying it onto dry skin.

Afterwards I like to start with what I call “our problem areas”, where we have the most wrinkles. Around the smile area, eyes, and forehead… each of us knows where we feel the need for a boost. In those areas we will add a more generous amount, because I want it to soak into the wrinkles and give them the treatment they need. After that, we begin to rub the entire face and neck in a circular motion until fully absorbed. If you feel some light tingling it’s okay – it just means the active ingredients are working. Some don’t feel it as much as others, that’s okay too – the thickness of our skin is different, it doesn’t mean it only works for some – it works just the same, only some of us are more sensitive to it.

I can tell you that many women report significant changes as soon as three weeks after use! Of course the most significant and desired change comes from frequent use. So don’t be surprised if people ask you if you’ve had anything done, or how come you’re so radiant..? It’s the cream!

I also always recommend adding a sun-protective product, no matter the weather, about a minute after using Matinika. We don’t add SPF to Matinika because just like the SPF prevents the sun from damaging our skin, it also prevents the active ingredients from entering our skin. It creates sort of a barrier to our skin. Matinika is also made for use at night, and I wouldn’t want you sleeping with SPF, which is meant for sun protection, and is not recommended to sleep with.

Okay let’s move on to the evening routine: So like I always say, only place active ingredients on a clean face – let’s start again by cleansing the skin with any kind of facial soap or cleanser; then, towel-dry gently and

We’ll begin with the serum all our customers call “The key to the soul ”… They say our eyes are the window to the soul, so no wonder why we worry about our eyes looking tired, droopy, and wrinkled. What Ashkara Ultra-Powerful Natural Eye Serum does is throw those gates wide open. Ashkara deals with those annoyingly bloated areas we can’t seem to hide. It also effectively handles darkness under the eyes that usually requires hours of concealer-time to try to blur out. If, when rubbing, you feel a sense of tingling or warmth that’s okay – it comes from the natural healing herbs inside the product – it’s a combination of rare plants in a state of slow-release for weeks, in order to extract their best, most healing, qualities.

I will squeeze 4 times, that’s enough for me, and rub it in this way – don’t worry, it is meant for your eye and eyelid area. Do not let it get into the eye itself, of course.

I will rub it back and forth and up towards the eyelids until fully absorbed. It is important to mention that for those of you who have bags or dark circles under your eyes, I would recommend using the serum twice a day for maximal results in the shortest period of time. If you are adding another morning use, it is preferable to use before Matinika.

So we’ll start like this. I start from the bottom and go forward and back and onto the eyelids like this. I want you guys to see, just like this.

Okay, now let’s move on to the serum I’m totally in love with - Oulala Face and Neck Booster Serum. Most of us find, during pregnancy (like me) and after childbirth, that our skin becomes unexpectedly spotty; or perhaps those of you who have spent their youth tanning might also be familiar with those annoying sunspots… you know the ones, they are so hard to get rid of!

You will not believe what this can do for your skin! It makes the sunspots vanish, repairs sun damage and significantly improves the texture of the skin, balancing your complexion. I’m totally addicted to it.

I will squeeze about 5 times on the back of my hand, and then rub it on the face in a circular motion, like this – this opens up our new age retinol, which is micro-capsulated and only opens on contact with the skin. The capsule prevents it from oxidation – which would render it useless – therefore we can ensure that the retinol will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and we will get flawless results.

I don’t know if you can tell, but look at that gorgeous shine!

It’s important to mention that if your skin peels a little or you get light dryness on the first days of using the products – don’t worry! This is part of the process. Skin peeling off means new skin is arriving :) It will go away within a few days. If you still feel like it is too much for your skin (always listen to your body) – in that case, use alternately every other evening, just to let your skin get used to the active ingredients.

After a week, your skin should get used to it and you should be able to go back to using it daily.

That’s it! Let me wish you a successful new journey, I can’t wait for you to share the results of your transformation with me! If you have any questions please contact us – me and my team will make sure you get all your questions answered.

So thank you very much, thank you for watching the video. I’m Sarah Lavie, and I’m waiting to see your results!